ScrumU Small Group Meeting Jun 27, 2014

After a hiatus where we renewed the domain registration, ScrumU is back in business! Tracy will be presenting along from others from ND and University of South Carolina at the Educause National Conference this October in Orlando - the topic is Taking Higher Ed from Fragile to Agile!

Attendees: ND (Tracy), GA Tech (Greg)

Greg invited others from GA Tech that are practicing Scrum. Eric Gill is a certified Scrummaster using Scrum on ID Mgmt projects. Also invited Yashica Doyle

Talked about Student Advising systems, Banner XE approach.

ScrumU Small Group Meeting Sept 20, 2013

Attendees: Wake Forest (Steve), Georgia Tech(Greg), Notre Dame (Tracy)

Discussed Banner Upgrades in progress. Talked about Wake's approach to reviewing backlogs. One backlog having more impediments - started tracking them separately. "Impediment backlog" - became a management level backlog. Can include process improvements that can work on on an ongoing basis.

Discussed test driven development / test first aproach - building in agility as part of development.

ScrumU Small Group Meeting - Sept 6 2013

Attendees: U of Alaska (Peter), Wake Forest (Steve), Notre Dame (Tracy)

Discussed call with University of Edinburgh. They will be presenting at Educuase National conference in October on the topic of Agile. Also talked about ERP options. Talked about problem where development area is agile, but hit impediments when have dependencies on infrastructure. Better when things are within existing standards, but harder when trying out new things.

ScrumU Small Group Mtg July 26, 2013

Attendees: U of Alaska (Peter), ND (Tracy)

Talked about various organizational/budget topics, Banner XE upgrades, SaaS models

ScrumU Small Group Meetings June/July 2013

Attendees: ND (Tracy, Scott), U of Alaska (Peter),

General discussion focused around how to get functionals / customers to buy-in/show up to Scrum meetings.

ScrumU Small Group Meeting May 17, 2013

Attendees: U of Alaska (Peter), ND (Tracy)

Talked about Java training,, BI tools, etc. :)

ScrumU Small Group Meeting Mar 22, 2013

Attendees: U of Alaska (Peter), Georgia Tech (Greg), Notre Dame (Tracy), Wake Forest (Steve),

GA Tech- Scrumming their Identity Management project. Big effort - Home grown moving to Oracle ID Mgmt suite. Implemented Banner SSO manager using CAS. Complex business rules. Also working on defining cohorts.

AK - Also working on ID Mgmt, Banner Travel & Expense mgmt.

ND - Presented at Educause Midwest on Implementing Scrum / Agile. Interesting many of the schools are still just thinking about Agile/Scrum.

Wake - Also piloting ID Mgmt.

ScrumU Small Group Meeting Mar 8, 2013

Attendees: Owens Community College (Scott), Notre Dame (Tracy), GA Tech (Rich)

GA Tech - ID Mgmt going to Scrum some projects, half day scrums, going well- mobile group, have converted 2 offices to Scrum room

Notre Dame - Working through adjustment to new space. Knocked down a bunch of walls and installed agile furniture. Noise level in large room is something we're figuring out - encouraging use of enclaves,

Owens - Working on communicating burndown to stakeholders, doesn't mean alot to them, but it does help communicate that need to not interrupt during Scrum.

ScrumU Small Group Meeting Feb 7, 2013

Attendees: Wake Forest (Steve), GA Tech (Rich), Notre Dame (Tracy)

Wake - Working on writing user stories. Reading Mike Kohn book on the topic.

GA Tech - talked about value of standups. Garnter concept of devops - ITIL "lite" - helping customers identify what they need. The only way to know if a requirement is good is can it be tested. On Banner XE early adopter. Grails code from Ellucian has automated cases built in.

ND - recently started to use automated testing tools like DB Fit and Selenium. Also trying out Pivotal Tracker for sprint backlog management.

ScrumU Small Group Meeting Jan 11, 2013

Attendees: Owens Community College (Scott), Kent State (Coleen), Wake Forest (Steve), Notre Dame (Tracy)

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